Full speed ahead for our hard working organizers!

SHRA Sundsvall and Färnäs Night Cruisers are now working full time to prepare for racing at Sundsvall Raceway and Tallhed Dragway. SHRA Sundsvall will be able to offer a preparation suiting the higher classes.

Both organizers hope for a good turnout for their events and now urge you to go to dragracing.eu and register as soon as possible. Sundsvall’s Mid Sweden Final’s last registration date is only a few days away and in order to be able to arrange a competition this year, they need all the support to be obtained. At the time of writing, there are only 6 teams registered and they need 160 to be able to arrange. If you are eager to race, go immediately to dragracing.eu and register. It is one of the few chances in Sweden to test your vehicles, compete, meet the drag racing family. A chance to bring back the feeling of something we all missed this year.
– We will have Kjell Pettersson as trackpreparer and racedirector, which we are very happy about, announces Göran Svensson, chairman of SHRA Sundsvall. I would also like to inform you that it is possible to redeem a temporary license with SBF, for SEK 375.

At Tallhed in Orsa, the organizers team works hard to run a couple of events. There are currently almost 60 registered for Tallhed # 1, which runs the first weekend in August. But they offer another competition opportunity later this fall. You can already sign up for this.
-We would need some more registered for the first competition, says Anders Höijer, responsible organizer. But we still drive, as we feel that it is important for drag racing. We hope for more registrations for Tallhed # 2 in September.
Please! Do not wait until the last minute to register! This can result in canceling the events, and we dont want that.
Remeber this events are without spectators due to restictions by Covid-19. Please be carefull out there, during the events and elsewhere. Here we go!

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