Full FIA Top Fuel tour for Susanne Callin

After a 14-year break from the FIA European Top Fuel Championship, Susanne Callin made her comeback last season to see if the feeling was still there and if driving a Top Fuel car was really what she missed so much in all those years. Everybody knew the answer in advance and as expected, after only two runs there was the confirmation. As a result, the comeback is definite and Callin will do the full FIA European Top Fuel Championship in 2020! “Testing days are over and I am all in!” said a determined Susanne Callin.

Susanne Callin made her first test runs in the Rune Fjeld Motorsport Top Fueler at last year’s Festival of Power. “There is nothing that is even close to the feeling of being in one of those storming cars, which is something I definitely have missed!” Callin said after completing a few runs. As planned before the comeback, the outings in the FIA European Top Fuel Championship were limited to The Main Event and the European Finals, the two races at Santa Pod Raceway, Callin’s home track as she is married to Keith Bartlett. Looking at her way of driving, the fun she had at the track and the response of the fans, it was loud and clear that there was more to come in 2020.

And that more is a lot more as Callin will do the full FIA European Top Fuel Championship this season and will also drive the Slick Tricks Racing RF Motorsport nitro car at the Festival of Power. “I will be doing the whole season this year, which is due to start at Easter, with Rune. Last year was about easing back into things and have a little go at driving, but from here on so are testing days well over and I am all in! I’m looking forward to it. We should totally be capable of fighting in the top, so the goal for the season is to win. I’m in it to win. Me and the Junior Dragster girls, our daughters Lara and Jacqueline, are sponsored and running out of Santa Pod Raceway under the Slick Tricks Racing banner, just like last year. The whole Corona situation is very worrying, but we still hope it will be possible to make the first runs of the season at Easter.”

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