Al Smith and ‘The Rocket’ PBR Top Fueler in EDRS Pro Nordic MC

Phil Baimbridge’s ‘The Rocket’ PBR Top Fuel Bike, raced by Al Smith, has an expanded race itinerary for 2020 encompassing three championships. Al Smith and the team will be competing in all rounds of both the ACU UK Championship and the FIM-European Drag Bike Championship and also plan to visit Tierp Arena in Sweden in June for the opening round of the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship and, if arrangements allow, go to Kauhava in Finland at the end of June for the EDRS Pro Nordic MC second round.

Phil said: ‘Attending the EDRS Pro event at Kauhava is dependent on finding somewhere to park the trailer and turn the race bike around. If any of our Swedish or Finnish racing colleagues can help out with secure parking (the trailer is 5.5m long including “A” frame and just over 2m wide), and use of workshop facilities for 3-4 days, please contact either me at PBR Top Fuel Bike or Al Smith. Ideally the location should be en-route from Tierp to Kauhava, or not too far from the venue in Finland, but we’ll consider any offers of help’.

Much work on the powerful and unique three cylinder machine has been undertaken over the winter to ready it for the new season, following a great 6.275/194.70 pass and a runner-up finish at the Euro Finals at Santa Pod Raceway. After stripping the bike down to the bare chassis, and front end, everything was cleaned and corrosion inhibitor applied. The magnetos were sent to the US to be refreshed and spare parts were ordered or built by the team. Burlow Engineering have been making the parts for the spare clutch including a centre bearing carrier and pulley assembly. A lot of the components have got small modifications to improve performance, aid assembly and disassembly and/or to save weight. There’s new rear bodywork fitted, thanks to Nigel Batsford, and a new fuel tank cowl up front.

If you are based between Tierp and Kauhava and can help, please do get in touch with Phil or Al.

Pictured above from left to right are: Bob Brooks, Phil Baimbridge, Al Smith, Julie Smith and Neill Curtis, boss of Burlow Engineering

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