Summit Racing Equipments Internationals 2019 winners!

Winners of the Summit Racing Super Series 2019 is Jonas Larsson Sweden in Pro ET  and Karl Leo Norum Norway in Super Pro ET.

And ofcourse we have a lots of more winners, who is presents down below. A fantastic racing weekend is over and we can sum it as perfect in all conditions. A bit of rain on friday but else a fast and sunny weekend with new records, great racing and happy people.
And here are the winners and runner ups. Congratulation to all of you!

Pro ET Winner: Jonas Larsson Runner Up: Mikael Bälter

Super Pro ET Runner Up: Björn Romǿren Hultberg Winner: Karl Leo Norum 

Jr Dragster Runner Up: Veeti Kortilainen Winner: Niklas Larsson 

Jr Drag Bike  Runner Up: Teodor Norling Winner: Seth Friström

Super Street Runner Up: Isak Lagg Winner: Uffe Lundgren

Super Gas Runner Up: Bent Aril Ström Winner: Christer Uhlin

Super Comp Runner Up: Thomas Hauge Winner: Micke Nilsson

Street Runner Up: Helena Olsson Winner: Mauritz Rådberg

Pro Street Runner Up: Roger Kullander Winner: Peter Trång

Competition Runner Up: Jen Eklund Winner: René Meierhofer

Stock/Super Stock Runner Up: Scott Burton Winner: Thomas Strand

Super Gas Bike Runner Up: Tryggve Kærstad Winner: Robert Nygren

Super Comp Bike Runner Up: Peter Östlund Winner: Peter Rundström

Pro Modified Runner Up: Roger Johansson Winner: Michael Gullqvist 

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