FHRA giving important information about Kauhava and the Nitro Nationals 2019

Many questions have appeared about the brand new racetrack in Kauhava Finland and the coming Nitro Nationals. And here are most, hopefully, of them answered. Esko Raisvou has tried to sum all in this message and if there is anything else you wondering about, just get back to us or FHRA and we do our best to answer the questions. 

Race-entries: http://www.dragracing.eu/event_details.asp?id=481
Invitation: http://www.dragracing.eu/data/documents/481_INVITATION%20&%20SUPPLEMENTARY%20REGULATIONS%20NitroNationals_2019.pdf

Links to facilities
http://lskbusinesspark.fi/en/kauhava-site/  (area pic is older, so no track itself visible).
-Lentohotelli (flight hotel) is probably already fully booked by better rooms. But might a chance for B&B still.

Track itself is now finished fully. First eightmile has lower barriers and the rest higher. (80cm to 1m).
-Startline for over 60ft and burnout area is on concrete, the rest is special asphalt created for this project and for future. Traction has been pretty stabile and great throughout so far.. =).
-FHRA / Tierp track crew will take care. Pleasant traction and rapid cleanings.
-Seated grandstands for 4000 spectators plus bankings are under work.
-Stabile electricity networks should be pretty good at Nitronationals. (Air Force ex place, so plenty of income, just field network expands).
-Law now allowes adult drink serving in separated grandstand area. Commercial serving.
-Pit area has it´s own bar already.
-Night time we offer the hanger club, where about 2000 people can easily have good time inside.
-Camping area can host unlimited number of caravans and tenting. More or less commercial, by the site owners.
-As it´s again ex-military place, there is available plenty of showers, sauna and catering things available at present. Real food for good price. Even teams can pre-order full catering straight to their pits. (I can check the methods).
-Teams can pre-order private porta-loos.
-We have full 24/7 security and first aid in area.
-Track itself is located 2km from railway station and town services are within a mile range. (Shops, fuel etc).
Seinäjoki town is 40km away and Lapua Village is in between. Easy to find hotel, or B&B places if spend few moments with booking websites.
-One of biggest northern amusement place “Power Park” is nearby. ~20km from track. https://www.powerpark.fi/en/ It´s very good idea to spend extra days in area, especially if have kids.. (Owners are our active helpers).
-Race traveller who has few extra clothes, tent etc, needs no more than open, happy mind, pocketful of cash and everything else gets sorted at present. Tracksite has everything. Card payments run fine.
-Finland runs with good 4G wireless throughout, I don´t believe on big drops in performance. Town area is town area.
Kauhava town is located in the west side of mid-Finland

Racers should spare time for driving from ferries, or from Swedish north including breaks about in this range:
-From closest north Sweden border: 6 hours.
-Naantali (from Kapellskär Finnlink ferry): 5 hours
-Turku (from Stockholm ferry): 5 hours
-Hanko: (from German freightferries): 7 hours
-Helsinki area: (from estonian, german and swedish ferries): 6 hours
-South russian borderstations: 7 hours
Flights easiest to try to find: Helsinki and Tampere airports.
-Car rental is bit expensive(ish) here due to high taxes, but reasonable if want do roadtrips to see other places.
-Most lakes in Finland have public beaches if search and ask from wild local natives.
-I can collect other places / advises / tips, what to see in Finland, if someone wants to have holiday-activities.
The choice if not interested in sightseeings, is to travel by train. No question about that. Stressless and reasonable way to come.
-We surely organise transport for “VIP’s & other co-operators” from railway station.
Trains come from Helsinki to Kauhava town in 3-4 hours travel time, depends which to choose from. (Holiday season, so I suggest pre-bookings).

VIP-inquiries (+catering, b&b, camping, saunas etc) straight from www.Lentohotelli.fi
-Racing related officials, media etc, please contact www.fhra.fi
-Tickets discounted (gateprices higher, but available normally) pre-booking at: https://www.tiketti.fi/nitro-nationals-2019-lsk-business-park-kauhava-tickets/62477
-Media accredits: https://www.fhra.fi/median-akkreditoituminen-kisoihin/

Event will be streamed: https://livestream.com/fhra

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