Just before the rain came, Tallhed Autumn Open could crown their winners

64 racers came to Tallhed Dragway last weekend to collect point in the Summit Racing EDRS Series and fight about a place in the Finals of the Summit Racing Super Series at Tierp Arena in a few weeks. 

The drivers who is going to Tierp Arena in a few weeks to fight about 4000$ in the Summit Racing Super Series is Thomas Olsson in Pro ET and Tommy Abrahamsson Super Pro ET. 

After a long summer with hot wether the rain finaly came and interrupt at Tallhed Autumn Open. It was well needed but could have taken another day to fall. But anyway, winners was crowned and the event could be finish in sunshine, between  showers.

 Class                             Q1                                        Win                                      RU

Jr Bike                             Samuel Rundström             Seth Friström                      Samuel Rundström

Jr Dragster                     Felicia Olsson                       Eskil Dahls                           Mats Arntzen Wanvik

Pro ET                             Peter Nilsson                        Peter Nilsson                       Torbjörn Låås

Super Pro ET                  Ole Petter Stockeland        Ole Petter Stokkeland       Björn Hultberg

Pro Street                        Daniel Hållestam                Michael Maderer                Daniel Hållestam

Street                                Helena Olsson                     Rolf Berglund                    Angelica Larsson

Super Gas                        Jan Hallman                        Jan Hallman                      Håkan Mattsson

Super Street                     Åke Törnqvist                     Chrille Gustafsson            Uffe Lundgren

Super Comp Bike            Peter Rundström                Peter Rundström              Jonas Mets

Super Gas Bike                 Andreas Andersson           Andreas Andersson          Marcus Forsberg

Super Pro Street                                                              Bengt Thyr

Stock/Super Stock                                                          Mathias Munter


Seth Friström and Samuel Rundström

Eskil Dahls and Mats Arntzen Wanvik

Peter Nilsson and Torbjörn Låås

Ole Petter Stokkeland and Björn Hultberg

   Michael Maderer and Daniel Hållestam

Rolf Berglund and Angelica Larsson

Jan Hallman and Håkan Mattsson

Chrille Gustafsson and Uffe Lundgren

Peter Rundström and Jonas Mets

Andreas Andersson and Marcus Forsberg

Bengt Thyr

Mathias Munther

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