Half Way in Summit Racing Super Series for Pro ET and Super Pro ET

We´re halfway into the racing season now, and there´s race events almost every weekend the nearest months.

Regarding the Summit Racing Super Series for Pro ET and Super Pro ET, it´s just a couple of Track Champions decided yet, but it will change from now! Racing for the $10 000 in EACH CLASS!!!

We will see Track Champions be decided at the following tracks with events coming up:

6-8 July   Piteå:                   Pro ET and Super Pro ET

7-8 July   Haapsalu:            Pro ET

13-14 July Fällfors:            Pro ET and Super Pro ET

26-29 July Gardermoen:   Pro ET and Super Pro ET (end of track-series)

27-29 July Mantorp:           Pro ET

4-5 August Tallhed:            Pro ET and Super Pro ET (end of track series)

10-12 August Sundsvall:    Pro ET and Super Pro ET (end of track series)

11-12 August Kauhava:     Pro ET

18-19 August Lindesberg: Pro ET and Super Pro ET


These are the Track Champions this far, qualified for the Shoot-Out at Tierp Arena 23-26 of August:

Vårgårda Raceway:                     Pro ET: Niklas Wikander, Borås Sweden

Super Pro ET: Björn Romören Hultberg, Sandefjord Norway

Motopark:                                     Pro ET: Mikko Ruusunen, Finland

Malmö Raceway:                         Pro ET: Richard Falkenberg, Hörby Sweden

Super Pro ET: Stefan Jansson, Örebro Sweden

Point leaders, Gardermoen:     Pro ET: Alice Hauge, Gressvik Norge

Super Pro ET: Even Rui, Rauland Norway

Point leaders, Tallhed:             Pro ET: Anders Edin, Dala Järna Sweden

Super Pro ET: Tommy Abrahamsson, Uppsala Sweden

Point leaders, Sundsvall:         Pro ET: Frode Halvei, Trondheim Norway

Super Pro ET: Karl Leo Norum, Hitra Norway


.. and it ain´t over until it´s over. None of the point leaders are untouchable, so the race is still on!

Text: Carl-Erik Kihlman

Link to more information about the Summit Racing Pro ET and Super Pro ET Super Series:


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