Are you registerd for Dragchallenge Gardermoen or Mantorp Drag Revival? If not, it´s about time!

Time to sign up for Dragchallenge at Gardermoen and Mantorp Drag Revival. 

Dragracing at Gardermoen is up for the second time of the season! Dont miss out on this big race. Last registrationday is 17th July for this event, that goes over 26th-29th July. So dont miss out on this one!

Classes to be run:  PM, Comp, S/SS, SPS,, PS Street, SC, SG, SST, JrD, SPET, PET, STM, TFM, PSM, SSB, SCB, SGB, JrBike,

We also got Mantorp Drag Revival at Mantopr Park comming up same weekend. So on the 27th-29th July two classes in the Summit Racing EDRS Series/Super Super Series, getting this opportunity to run at this historic track. Last registrationdate here is 14th of July. Don´t miss this chanse!

Classes to be run: TD, PET




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