Linde Open with good traditions

Time for the Linde Open, and on top of that the annual Crayfish Party. 114 teams are signed in, of course we find the top drivers in the most classes on site.


Tindra Christensen in Jr Dragster Central has a safe lead over Jacob Pripp, who we don’t see in the entry list so far. But we could find Felicia Olsson, is leading the Jr Dragster North series on site this weekend.

Uffe Lundgren and Ulf Axelsson in Super Street are sharing the lead when they enter Linde Open this time a hard fight is to be expected between those guys.

In Super Gas Annica Larsson have a big lead ahead of Patrik Wickman and Håkan Mattsson. She going to is a hard nut to crack for the guys. But as us as usual in dragracing everything could happen.

In Super Pro ET we have the two drivers leading the series on site, Tommy Abrahamsson and Björn Hultberg. The fact that there are just 46 points between makes it possible to make a change in the overall standings.

Ulf Zachrisson leading the Pro ET have a good lead over Anders Edin. But there is still points at stake and nothing decided until the race is over. Right behind Anders Edin we find Mikael Nordlund, all three of them going to be on site coming week end so a hard fight is to be expected.

In Super Comp Bike we find just one of the top three drivers and that´s current number three Peter Rundström.

Super Gas Bike no of the top three riders have signed in, so far.

Jr Drag Bike we find all Three top drivers in the point standing. Tim Christensen is leading the pack has with his 522 points. No 2 is Samuel Rundström at with 384 points and no 3 Anna Rosander doing her first season in dragracing, on 352 points.

As usual we´re expecting a great point fight in all classes this weekend. But as that wasn´t enough the great Crayfish Party. a longtime tradition at Linde Open well worth joining.

SHRA Lindesberg this year offers a unique souvenir to their racers or to anyone who like a real collector item. You can check out their web page and order a poster with your favorite vehicles on. That´s a neat deal!

Classes at Linde Open this weekend are as follow: Super Street, Super Gas, Super Pro ET, Pro ET, Jr Dragster, Super Comp Bike, Super Gas Bike, Jr Dragbike

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