Great racing between showers at Tallhed

It´s not easy for organizers to create a dragrace event when the weather Gods not co-operating. But Färnäs Night Cruisers manage to do the very best of Midsummer Festival anyway. Friday was on and off when it came to the weather, but two qualifying rounds was done.

The race track was as good as ever an some personal best was done. Saturday, unfortunally rained away. So the teams had to entertaine them selfes that day. Some went on tour in the nabourhood to explore the beautifull landscape there is, like Storstupet (Big Cliff)  and Helvetesfallet (Hells fall). Sounds exciting, doesnt it.

Oskar Norling did win the Junior Dragster class.

But sunday they were all back on track for elimination. And all classes was able to be done before the rain came in the afternoon again, just after the price giving ceremony. Well done to the organiser that manages to finish the Midsummer Festival 2017.

Speedgroup was in place with 2-seat dragster and there were some who took the opportunity to take a ride in it. The local P4 radio station was one of them, as well as the local printing company Tröjtrycket. 167 racers did participate in the 6th Summit Racing EDRS Series event of the season.

Classes:                                   Q1:                                     Winners: 

Stock/Super:                              Theodor Brandt                 Anders Eriksson

Pro ET                                          Thomas Olsson                  Thomas Olsson

Super Pro ET                              Arild Langseth                    Arild Langstedt

Street                                            Torbjörn Israelsson          Rolf Berglund

Super Pro Street                         Hans Knutes                       Dick Ivonen

Super Comp                                 Veronica Sörensen            Siri Johansen

Super Gas                                    Håkan Mattsson                 Annica Larsson

Super Street                                Uffe Lundgren                    Uffe Lundgren

Pro Street                                    Mikael Norén                      Johan Källberg

Jr Dragster                                 Fanny Olsson                      Oskar Norling

Super Gas Bike                          Daniel Nyman                     Daniel Nyman

Super Comp Bike                      Tomas Jonsson                  Tomas Jonsson

Jr Drag Bike                              Linus Tröjbom Berggren  Linus Tröjbom Berggren

JrD Version:Sec RU Malin Sörensen, Win Oskar Norling, RU Eskil Dahls 

Pro ET Win Thomas Olsson RU Ulf Zackrisson

SST Win Uffe Lundgren RU Åke Törnqvist

S/ST Win Anders Eriksson RU Kjell Ericsson

SG Win Annica Larsson RU Håkan Mattsson

SPET Win Arild Langseth RU Stein Oddvar Karlsen

SC Win Siri Johansen

Street Win Rolf Berglund RU Torbjörn Israelsson

SP St Win Johan Källberg RU Mikael Norén

SP Win St Dick Ivonen

JrB Win Linus Tröjbom-Berggren RU Anna Rosander

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