Diamond Pistons extend contingency partnership for FIA and EDRS car classes

Diamond Pistons joined the Speedgroup Contingency Program for EDRS car classes and FIA classes in 2016 and extended the partnership for the coming 2017 season. “Racers love contingency programs, and it allows Diamond to give back to the racers that support our company,” said Grant Campbell, Sales & Technical Support representative of Michigan based Diamond Racing Products.

Diamond Racing Products were founded by Jim Cavalero, Nick Plantus and Butch Elkens in the late ’60s primarily as an engine building shop. It wasn’t until the ’90s that Diamond stopped building engines and switched its primary focus to the manufacturing of forged racing pistons. Today, Diamond are owned by Bob Fox, have two buildings (Manufacturing & Shipping) and over 50 employees.

Grant Campbell, Sales & Technical Support representative of the Clinton Township (Michigan) based company is willing to tell a lot more about Diamond Racing Products. “We are selling racing pistons, both billet and forged, shelf stocking and custom orders. Diamond Pistons set themselves apart from other manufactures in a few ways. Diamond pride themselves on customer service and quality. When using Diamond for your engine build, you know that you’re getting the best product, designed by the best engineers, run on the most state of the art equipment in the industry,” said Campbell.

Diamond pistons are not only used in drag racing. “We manufacture pistons for all kinds of motorsports, ranging from Bracket Racing, Top Fuel and Pro Stock, to Circle Track, Truck Pulling, and Offshore Power Boat Racing. But we only have a contingency program in drag racing. We want to give back to the racers that support our company, and with the Speedgroup contingency program we can better serve and give back to our customer base in Europe. The importance of contingency programmes in our marketing strategy is huge, as it allows Diamond to give back to the racers that support our company. It also gives the racers another incentive to run our products. The reactions of our customers about the contingency program are very positive. Racers love contingency programs and have no problem running decals and other requirements necessary to collect contingencies. We see that in Europe too.”

Website: http://www.diamondracing.net/

Diamond Pistons Speedgroup EDRS Contingency Program

Products: Pistons

Diamond Racing award winners with USD 200 and runners-up with USD 100 in the

Car classes:

Summit Racing EDRS: All Car classes except Jr Dragster

FIA Championship: All classes

Conditions: Decals well visible on both sides of the race car, proof of purchase (copy of receipt) to be presented when making claims

Claims handled via Speedgroup, Birgitta Blakstad Poolsaar

Form of pay-out: gift certificate

For all information about Speedgroup’s contingency program:


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