Adjustment to handicap in FIA European Top Methanol Championship

The FIA had to make an adjustment to the handicap for this year’s combined FIA European Top Methanol Dragster and FIA European Top Methanol Funny Car Championship that was published a few days ago.

Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding, the Top Methanol index was set incorrectly. Timekeeping systems incorporate indexes with two decimals only, so the index must be set accordingly. The new index is rounded to the closest possible value and the new corrected value is 0.26 second.

Thus Top Methanol Funny Cars will receive a 0.26-seconds (was 0.256-second) head start on the tree. In order to determine the positions in qualifying, the index of 0.26 seconds (was 0.256 seconds) will be subtracted from the Top Methanol Funny Cars ETs.

Here the link to the official FIA publication on the FIA website

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