FIA Pro Modified driver, Thomas Stiefel, takes a break in 2017

_DSC0116_PM Thomas Stiefel_Lp540

We got some news from Switzerland that the team Stiefel not going to race next season.

-We must take at least a year of from racing to take care of our company, says Brigitte. We will not do the European Championship next year and when next time for racing comes, it will be in Florida.

PM Thoms StiefelThe Stiefel family went to Florida, some weeks ago to visit Adam Flamholc, and got hooked on the racing over there. Now the goal is to bring the Hawaiin Tropic Pro Modifired car over to US.

-Now we will sell our truck and trailer here in Switzerland to gain some money for the trip, says Brigitte. Don’t know yet when we can realize our plans, but we will be working hard on it.

So, no lustrous orange -57 Bel-Air at the European track next summer. But we might see Thomas and Brigitte in the pits anyway, just for visiting and check out all other teams how they are doing. We wish them very welcome back in the European Championship in the future and good luck with the US plans.

PM Thomas Stiefel

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