Hagfors Open great, as usual


Jr Dragster winner William Svensson RU Pontus Södergren

Hagfors Open has closed the gate for this time and the event was a good event as expected. And it went as smooth as always at the  1/8-mile track that have a breakout at 4.50.

The drag racing event started at the airfield 2007, that is owned by Hagfosrs township.

– The track is Hagfors airfield and was built 1986, tells Ann Granath race director. In 1988 it was extended. The plans for the future when it comes to drag racing, it´s to continue arrange one race per year here.


Racedirector Ann Granath with her crew Janne Sjöberg, Micke Schriver and Jörgen Hult. 

The track- and event crew is members of SHRA Karlstad, certified safety and medical is hired.

-We do the track preparation our self, says Ann. With a low budget we take help from whoever we can, like friends and families. We don’t have much time left to get sponsors, but are very happy if there is anyone that want to help out in any way.

83 racers did 444 timslips during the event  so we can just  say that the event went just as Ann Granath expected.

-Our event uses to go very smooth, says Ann. We´re very well organized and we manage to do a lots of rounds.


Super Gas RU Annica Larsson and Winner Håkan Mattsson.

Results: http://www.dragracing.eu


Classes:                                                Q1:                                                         Winners:              

Jr Dragster:                                             Jack Sundström                                      Wiliam Svensson

Pro ET:                                                     Thomas Näsström                                  Tommy Borg

Pro Street:                                               Mikael Norén                                           Fredrik Gravningen

Super Gas:                                              Håkan Mattsson                                      Håkan Mattsson

Super Street:                                          Isak Lagg                                                  Leo Jansson

Super Pro ET                                         Mikael Modin                                          Göran Gustavsson

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