Islands Race Car ponsors Pro Stock and Pro Modified at Alastaro


Jarl Holm

Islands Race Car and Jarl Holm, who is the company owner, is taking the opportunity to sponsor Pro Stock and Pro Modified classes at Nitro Nationals, Alastaro.

-I work close with Stange Engineering USA, in my race car building business, says Jarl and I hope this will increase my business as well as Stranges. I have worked with them since about 1988 when I bought a Pro Stock car from Albert Clark that the Swedish guys Chrille Gustafsson and Hans Knuters was driving.

Why Jarl chosen those classes is because he works only with door cars and hope he can make this sponsorship every year from now on. But that prepend of how it turns out this year.

-I hope to make more business in Europe and elsewhere, says Jarl.

The check of 500$ each goes to the no 1 qualifier in Pro Modified and Pro Stock.


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