DutchBoxx Golfkarton new partner of Vegter Pro Mod Racing


Vegter Pro Mod Racing are proud to announce DutchBoxx Golfkarton as a new partner of the team. The Heerenveen based company have joined the Dutch Pro Modified team with immediate effect. Vegter Pro Mod Racing are one of the frontrunners in the FIA European Pro Modified Championship. “We are very happy and proud to represent such a great company that makes such high quality products. I’m looking forward to a great cooperation and I’m sure it will be successful for both DutchBoxx and our team,” said David Vegter, driver and driving force behind Vegter Pro Mod Racing. 

DutchBoxx Golfkarton are the leading Dutch manufacturer of boxes and corrugated packaging. With six modern production lines, the Heerenveen based company produce in house a complete range of boxes and custom made packaging. In addition to the American folding boxes and shipping boxes, DutchBoxx also produce plates, wrap packages, standard packaging, sleeves, pallet boxes, XXL sizes, and corrugated cardboard interiors, available in both large and small orders. DutchBoxx not only offer a wide range of products, but these packages can also be provided with prints. DutchBoxx combine fast delivery with the option of both “stock” and “just-in-time” delivery. A great company where the customer comes first. More information about DutchBoxx Golfkarton can be found on the website: www.dutchboxx.nl/golfkarton.


DutchBoxx Golfkarton have joined Vegter Pro Mod Racing with immediate effect and for a period of at least two years. “This gives us both a good base to work from and we can make a long term planning for our cooperation. We are very happy to represent such a great company, on and off the track. I’m looking forward to a successful cooperation,” said David Vegter. DutchBoxx join the team in a very successful period as Vegter Pro Mod Racing have had a great start of the season. During the second round of the FIA European Championship at Tierp Arena, Vegter reset his personal bests to 6.002 seconds at 390.5 kmh and advanced to the semi-finals.

DutchBoxx Golfkarton join the Vegter Pro Mod Racing partners Playboy Energy Drink, HKR Techniek, WVB Holland, PedalToTheMetal Musclecar Performance and Sonic Equipment.

Text and photos: PR