Thomas Olsen heading towards his first full season in Pro Stock Motorcycle


Less than a year ago Thomas Olsen still had to make his first pass on a Pro Stock Motorcycle. “It was amazing! I have never been put in a position where it requires so much of me, in such short amount of time”, he remembers oh so well. Now the 24-year old Norwegian rider is heading towards his first full season in the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship and although he knows he still has to learn a lot, and wants to do it step by step, Brothers in Arms Racing is on its way to the top. 

Thomas Olsen from Sandefjord, Norway, started racing in 2001. “Practically I have been raised in the drag racing environment, both as a spectator and a helping hand for my father, who has been interested in racing for as long as I can remember. I loved the sport from day one! Then my brothers, a twin brother and a ‘big’ brother, and I got asked to be part of the start of Junior Bike in Norway”, Thomas remembers, and although Thomas is the only one still racing, with the name Brothers in Arms Racing his two brothers are, and will always be, in the team.


ET Street, Super Comp Bike and Classic Bike were the next classes and last season Thomas stepped up to Pro Stock Motorcycle. “I chose Pro Stock because I had the opportunity to buy a nice and good newbie bike, and chose to take the opportunity that came my way. My first start in Pro Stock was the test & tune at Gardermoen Raceway, May 2014. So far, it has been amazing! I have never been put in a position where it requires so much of me, in such short amount of time. To drive a Pro Stock Motorcycle requires a lot, from both the driver and mechanics. For good results the cooperation between these two parts have to be perfect. You cannot just get on the bike and expect a perfect 6-second run; it’s nothing like that at all. It is all about the small details most people do not think about. You have to be in good shape, both physically and mentally.”

Thomas Olsen olsen_thomas_int_04

With only 20 Pro Stock runs at his credit, Thomas knows there is room for improvements in all areas.  “This is going to be my first serious season. The whole team is somewhat new to this. We always try to get as much information from other drivers as possible. Mentally I got many tips to become a better driver, and that is our main focus in the start.” Brothers in Arms Racing will start the season with a bike they bought from Gabriella Nikolovska, a 2012 Suzuki. “I bought the bike from Gabbi in the summer of 2014. Roger Lyrén (Lyrén Motorsport), Kenneth Holmberg (Swecomposite), Roy Olsen (Troy Racing) and  Kenneth Vik (Kenneth Vik Motorsport) helped me a lot. I would not have been able to drive this season without these peoples help, but still my team and I have put a lot of effort in the bike. The changes will be a little surprise. You will see when the season starts in May”, says Thomas, who makes a living as FAT-operator (mechanical tester/ pressure tester) of oil installations for Agility Subsea Fabrication, a company that builds oil/gas installations.


For the first time Thomas will do the full EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship tour. “We really look forward to it! I hope to become a more experienced driver this season, considering the driving and knowledge of the motor. I look very positive at the upcoming season and cannot wait to start! My main goal is to get five good runs with the same time and I would be very pleased if we got a run after 7.5 seconds”, Thomas says, to conclude with: “I want to thank my team, Crew Chief Stefan Olsen and mechanic Emma Olsen. They do such a great job, unbelievable.” Brothers in Arms Racing is supported by Breili Auto AS, Sentrum Blikk og Stål, Tjøme Maskin and Dometic Norway AS, but is still looking for a main sponsor.


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