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Pro Stock Motorcycle

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Pro Stock Motorcycle is also referred to as the manufacturers class. These highly modified vehicles, which can run under 7 seconds at more than 300km, feature a purpose-built tube ­chassis and a light weight, aerodynamically enhanced replicas of original bodywork. They run on unleaded fuel and using regular aspirated engines.

Super Street Bike

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Super Street Bike is a class reserved for stock-appearing gasoline burning motorcycles with unlimited engine modifications. The bikes are heavily armed with an extended swingarm, engine modifications and power adders. All bikes must be self-starting with motorcycle engines only. There is no breakout ET limit for this class. The start procedure is “heads up” using a (.400) Pro tree. The class is well established and with competitors based in many countries. Competition is most often fast and tight. The performance level in Super Street Bike is in the 7 second range with speeds over the finish line exceeding 300 km!

Super Twin Motorcycle

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The Super Twins are the ProMod’s of the bikes, allowing lot of different combinations as long as you only have two cylinders!!! Fast ET’s is within the 6’es and really great is 6,4-6,6. Big motor volume-high nitro percent, small volume- blowers, V-twins, Parallel twins, 90 degrees engines. The class has its origin in Scandinavia and was created by the riders in the early 90’ies. It soon became very popular with the riders, and appreciated by the fans and spectators with its tight racing and earth breaking sound. Nowadays Twin racing is big all around the world!

The rules are simple; Max 3500cc, unlimited nitro and injection or 2000cc+Blower and max 90% nitro or 1700cc+blower and unlimited nitro. The rest of the rules are safety issues. There are many ”home built” engines in the field. Two-speed transmissions and high gear combinations, Slider clutches with one or several stages. 14” wide rear wheels and wheelbase about 2500mm. The engines develop about 900hp. The big V-twins revs about 5000rpm and the smaller blower engines about 7000rpm.

Top Fuel Motorcycle

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