Tindra Christensen to licence TMD with Bryntesson Motorsport

Tindra Christensen, 20, from Klagstorp outside Trelleborg in the south of Sweden, will start her licensing procedure for racing in the Top Methanol class. Tindra most recently comes from the Super Pro ET class in the Summit Racing EDRS Series where she finished fourth in the championship last year. With the help of Bryntesson Motorsport, she will take her licence later this year to be able to drive Top Methanol in the future.

“It has always been a dream of mine to drive Top Methanol,” said Tindra. “I have followed Tony and Jonny Lagg in A-Fuel Team Sweden for a long time. We talked to Tony, and he offered to lend me his dragster so I could get my licence. I am extremely grateful to have that opportunity.”

For several seasons, Tindra Christensen has competed against, among others, Isak Lagg, whose father Jonny also drives in Top Methanol. “ We have gotten to know Tindra and seen her development,” said Tony Bryntesson. “Together with Jonny Lagg, we will support Tindra in her ambition to drive Top Methanol and the first step is to make the dragster and team available to her so she can get her licence.”

Taking the step from Super Pro ET to Top Methanol means going from 800 to 5,000 nitro-fed horsepower and from eight seconds to just over five seconds on the 402 meter, a huge difference! “It will be great fun and it will be something completely different,” said Tindra.

Getting a licence is the first step, the next step is finding a car. Tindra and her team are looking at options for the future, but this year she will compete in Super Pro ET in selected Summit Racing EDRS Series events again.

“It costs a lot and we have to work with our sponsors before driving in the Top Methanol class  becomes a reality, but we have come a long way. This year I will focus on Super Pro ET.” This weekend, Tindra and her team compete in Super Pro ET when the Summit Racing EDRS Series kicks off the season at Vårgårda Raceway.

Text and photos: pr and Remco Scheelings

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