Thomas Pettersson tweaks and seeks improvements

After a frustrating 2023, Thomas Pettersson and the Swedish Team 817 are looking to regain some of the consistency with the Suzuki Funny Bike that went away early on last year.

“Team 817 are gearing up for the Main Event. A few necessary upgrades have been done to the bike over the winter. We’ve changed the pipe between the turbo and the plenum as it popped off a couple of times previously and the changes we made to the front end at the end of last season gave us some good results, although we’ve tweaked these some more.”

6.8s towards the end of the season hinted at a return to form although they’ll be looking to progress back towards Pettersson’s mid six second personal best territory.

“We’re looking forward to meet up with the tough 8 bike field at the Main Event in a couple of weeks.”

FIM-E Main Event takes place at Santa Pod Raceway, England, May 24-27th 2024

Text and photos: Ivan Sansom & Rose Hughes

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