Pro Dutch Racing, Cuda out, but what comes in?

The tension is rising. Just a little while longer and then it will be time to unveil the new car. Shortly after the end of last season, the well-known Pro Dutch Racing ’71 Plymouth Barracuda was put up for sale to be replaced by a new weapon for the 2024 season. The Cuda has now found a new home, but what will take its place?

After a good 2023 season, in which Michel Tooren pushed boundaries with the Pro Dutch Racing ’71 Plymouth Barracuda, reset his personal bests to 5.814 seconds at 250.85 mph and scored some great results, Pro Dutch Racing were ready for the next step. After all, standing still means going backwards in drag racing, and because Tooren and his team Pro Dutch Racing wanted to take the last step towards the absolute pinnacle of European Pro Modified, the decision was made shortly after the end of the season to replace the Cuda with a new weapon. The important contacts had already been made earlier in 2023 during the traditional World Series of Pro Mod in Bradenton, America, thus the deal was done pretty quickly.

It is now March 2024 and it has been quiet concerning the Cuda and the new weapon for a while. As usual with Pro Dutch Racing, this does not mean that nothing happened. The ’71 Plymouth Barracuda has been sold and will soon find a new home. Because the new Pro Dutch Racing Pro Mod is equipped with a converter and various other new technical items, not only spare parts and molds of the body, but also many other parts will find their way to the new owner.

But what will replace the Cuda? The attached photo only gives a sneak preview. A few weeks ago, Tooren travelled to the place where the car is currently located. The car has even been painted at that location and one of these days the container will be loaded to leave for Rotterdam. Considering the long distance to be covered, the Festival of Power at Santa Pod Raceway will come too early. This first round of the Motorsport UK Pro Modified Championship will be at the end of March and although Pro Dutch Racing would have liked to use this race as a first test, that will not be possible. When the car arrives, many things still need to be done to get it ready to race. The engine and spare engine are almost ready now.

The debut of the new Pro Dutch Racing Pro Mod will now be at The Doorslammers, the race in mid-May, a week prior to The Main Event, the first round of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship at Santa Pod. However, you don’t have to wait that long to catch a glimpse of the new car. As soon as it arrives in the Pro Dutch Racing workshop, a bigger part of the car will be unveiled.

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