FIA 2024 regulations online

The 2024 Technical and Sporting Regulations as well as the 2024 Race Procedures for FIA Drag Racing have been published by the FIA. You can read the new regulations here

Racers are advised to read the full regulations. We published the revised SFI Specification list on 28th of November.

In the sporting regulations the handicap start for Top Methanol Funny Cars remains at 0.22 seconds.

Also, during qualifying, in the event that a competitor aborts the run due to any reasons caused by the other paired competitor, thus completing no valid time, the competitor will be allowed a rerun. Contact by a parachute with a timing reflector or barrier will explicitly not be grounds for disqualifying a run.

The rules for Pro Modified power adders have remained as before, so the use of centrifugal or screw superchargers will not be permitted in FIA competition in 2024.

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