SFI Inspection tour back in action again

The 2023 SFI Tour was back in Europe for the first time since 2019, after the pandemic.

The third day of the SFI Inspection Tour was spent at ME Racing Service in Borlänge Sweden, after having visited the Netherlands and Finland in the previous days.

– We are trying to keep the cost down by being more efficient and not use so many people at for this, said LG Eriksson at ME Racing Service. The tour has gone very smoothly so far.

The number of submitted parts are basically back to normal after the pandemic years, which shows that the interest in Drag Racing is still on top. Jennifer Faye, president of the SFI, was on site together with some well-known faces from the Swedish Automobile Federation to give hands-on contribution to the inspection. Lasse Pettersson, Helene Rapp and Frank Johansen and a couple more helpers made a big effort to get everything in order. On Sunday, the SFI inspection team travelled to England and Santa Pod to finish this year’s tour on Monday.

SFI Inspection 2023 in full action at ME Racing Service.

A concentrated Andy Robinson worked together with son Luke. They are two of the persons in the SFI Inspection group, who been involved long time and goes to all four countries of the tour.

Frank Johansen,SBF and Olle Elfqvist, Svensk Dragracing, and Jennifer Faye, SFI Foundation, is carefully taking care of the registration of all parts.

LG Eriksson of ME Racing Service has been with the SFI tour for some years and is managing the Swedish part of the tour

Lars Pettersson, FIA DRC commission and Helene Rapp, SBF, took care of the sticker off-and-on job at the parts.

Lunchtime is an important moment of a long day of hard work.

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