Time to sign-up for some Rock´n Roll at Gardermoen

Three days left of the regular registration dates of Drag Challenge 2022, where Gardermoen Raceway and norwegian drag racing celebrates 25 years.

Get in and register at www.dragracing.eu as soon as possible, but the latest July 17th for regulare fee. Be a part of the 25 years celebration of dragracing at Gardermoen Raceway August 4-7th. Do just like the two familys who take the trip all the way from France to participate and celebrate. Welcome families Dubois and Lajoux to Summit Racing EDRS Series dragracing event as well as racers from Germany, Finland and Sweden except for Norway. So, there is no excuses to not go for Norway this weekend. Now we do the rock´n roll at Gardermoen Raceway.

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