Hot hot hot at Tallhed during Midsummer Festival

About hundred racers gathered at Tallhed Dragway for a very hot Midsummer event and qualification opportunities was at the top!

Althrue friday and saturday the racers had 10 qualification rounds and even due to the hot wether they did the very best at the track. There was around +30 degrees C during the whole weekend. It´s har do keep the concentration in the seat at this conditions, but a racer is always a racer. They never give up. Elimination day was filled with tuff racing heats and hard 1000/sec battles at the track! The track crew had a hot event to work thrue, but did the very best for all participators. Great job! And Congratulation to all winners!

Photo Cred: Cenneth Schiller

The Winners and Runner Ups at Tallhed Midsummer Festival is:

Jr Dragster: Winner-Anton Åberg Runner Up-Alfons Åberg

PET: Winner-Fredrik Seth Runner Up-Peter Svensson

PS: Winner-Angelica Larsson Runner up-Anna Knutes

S/SS: Winner-Johan Stam Runner Up-Lars Johansson

Street: Winner-Lars Erik Persson Runner Up-Johan Vestlund

SG: Winner-Annica Larsson Runner Up-Håkan Mattsson

SPET: Winner-Mikael Nilsson Runner Up-Alexander “Loffy” Edlund

Super Street: Winner-Åke Törnqvist Runner Up-Ulf Axelsson

SCB: Winner-Emil Östlund Runner Up-Tomas Jonsson

SCB: Winner-Seth Friström Runner Up-Teodor Norling

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