Reminders – last call for Kauhava and Motopark events!

Time is running fast this days, and now it´s just a few days left of the registration time of this two events in Finland. So don´t forget to register for Kauhava and Motopark who is the next Summit Racing EDRS Series event in Finland.

FHRA and Summit Racing EDRS Series want to make you aware of the chance for a late registration, at the latest May 24th, for Kauhavas first dragracing event in Finland this season, at May 28-29th.Take the opportunity to hurry up with a registration now!

Next time to race in Finland is Motopark June 11-12th and the last registration for that event is May 28th. So, all of you who want to race in Finland, and elsewhere, upcoming weeks check out for more information and registration. Good luck to everyone and have fun on the tracks!

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