Time to register for the 2022 dragracing events!

2022 drag racing season is on and it´s time to bring out your vehicles. We have a full season to look forward to!

Time goes faster than you think and the registration times are already here and here is a reminder of what this season have to offer. Check out www.dragracing.eu and select the events you want to participate in, and register.
Unfortunately, we have to announce that our first event of the Summit Racing EDRS Series, Spring Open at Tallhed in Orsa has been cancel. But the organicer promise to return with a wonderful traditional event during the midsummer weekend. We look forward to it with joy. But first we will conduct some other events before it is time for Swedish Midsummer.
Spring Nats Gardermoen 20-22 May
FHRA Finnish Championship 1 Kauhava 28-29 maj
Vårgårda Nationals 9 Vårgårda 27-29 May
Motopark, Finland 10-12 June
Sweden Nationals 2022 Tierp Arena June 17-19

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