Spring is here and Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show did started it!

Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show at Elmia in Jönköping is over and done for this year, and it was a fantastic place to celebrate Easter at. Lots of outstanding enthusiast project and racing vehicles from all over showed to an audience that broke all records this weekend. A good start on the enthusiast and racing season.

It is for sure a big need to get out and meet new and old friends again after two years of restrictions and isolation. That was very clear when this year’s Motorsport Performance & Custom Motor Show at Elmia opened this last weekend. After being closed for a couple of years due to the pandemic, people went to Jönköping to soak up all the beautiful exhibits, and to finally meet all the wonderful people who are involved in motorsport in various ways.

Speedgroup was of course on site and promoted the Summit Racing EDRS Series which starts up in a month. The booth had two popular drivers in the series on show. Fast Freddy Fagerströms stunning fast pickup was one of them, and Stefan “Myggan” Jansson with his black hot Bel Air -57, the other one. Two drivers we´re very proud of having with us.

Additional participants in the stand were Autoverdi, which manufactures connecting rods and oil pumps for racing cars and boats all over the world. Among others, many Nascar teams are major customers of the company and of course their products are in most of our European prostock and promod cars.

Summit Racing Equipment’s is of course with us as the main sponsor this season also. And we can, with pleasure, announce that Finnlines is happy to ensure that you can travel at the best prices with their ferries this season as well. VP Racing Fuels has good offers when it comes to racing fuel and other good lubricating products. In other words, we can look forward to a fast and furious 2022 season!

Jonny Lagg is eager to get out on the tracks with his A-fuel dragster now!
Tony Bryntesson did show up with his A-Fuel team and activated visitors with NGKs spartkpluggs.
You just got to take the chance to sit in one of the coolest 57 Chevys there is! And supported by Fast Freddy and Myggan it’s a real high-five!
Busy but happy Helene Rapp, chairman of the Swedish Motorsport Association’s drag racing committee, also visited us at the Summit Racing EDRS Series booth. She is approaching a very busy time of year now when the dragracing season starts.
We found two other fast drag racers cruising around the show. Mattias Wulcan and Joakim Andersson is preparing for the season. Let´s see what they have in their minds for 2022.
Top Fuel driver Dennis Nilsson brought his dragster on show this weekend and a lot of lucky visitors got the chanse to klimp in to the seat. I can tell that all of them came out of the car with a big! smile on their faces.
Another team that is preparing for a hectic season is Per Bengtsson’s Top Fuel Bike team The Beast. Keep your eyes open for one of the fastest bikes on earth, as they will appear in several events during the season with various actions on the program.

Approximately 90,000 visitors could be counted after four intense Easter days at Elmia. Interest in enthusiast vehicles and motorsport in Sweden has definitely not cooled, despite high fuel prices.

Now we prepare for next weekend at Åby Dragracing market in Norrköping. See you there!

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