A fantastic Drag Challenge 2021 is over!

Drag Challenge 2021 is over for this time and we have a lot of happy winners to present. About 110 racers have entered Gardermoen Raceway this last sunny weekend, where the track crew and all racers had happy times.

Next round at Gardermoen Raceway will be in September 10-12 when Drag Finals 2021 is up. That´s also the finals in 2021 Summit Racing EDRS Series. The last race in Norway for the season, so dont miss out of that. Sign up at www.dragracing.eu or check out www.ndrg.no for more information.

Winners and Runner up of Drag Challenge:

Junior dragster: Win-Gunnar Anders Beinset RU-Dina Os

Pro Et: Win-Ingar Hauge RU-Björn Granheim

Super Pro Et: Win-Trine Fossum RU-Sterinar Lövold

Super Gas: Win-Christer Uhlin RU-Harald Johansen

Pro Street: Jarle Brandvik RU-Renate Rosén Skinne

Pro Mod: Win-Odd Erik Fossum RU-Terje Håkonsen

Super Comp: Win-Mats Arntzen Wanvik RU-Elin Aavik

Junior Bike: Win-David Harley Nilsen RU-Björn Granheim

Super Gas Bike: Win- Teodor Norling RU-Jonatan Edwards

Super Comp Bike: Win-Michael Jensen RU-Kathrine Wagenius

Super Twin MC: Win- Hans Olav Olstad RU-Jan E. N. Klausen

Toop Fuel MC: Win-Sverre Dahl

Foto credit: Tore Ravneberg

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