Duncan Micallef elected president of the Malta Motorsport Federation

Former FIA European Top Fuel Champion Duncan Micallef is the new President of the Malta Motorsport Federation. The Maltese Lion who planned a comeback in 2020 after a one-year break, was elected for this prominent position a few weeks ago.    

Congratulations to 2017 FIA European Top Fuel Champion Duncan Micallef for being elected President of the Malta Motorsport Federation. In his inaugural address he said:

First and foremost, I would like to thank all those that encouraged me, congratulated me, supported me, and eventually chose to vote for me. After only a few days in my post, I decided to share with you what happened in these last two weeks.

On Monday 16th, I received a call from a friend of mine; he encouraged me to contest for the post of President of MMF, being a Monday for me it was already though. I thought a lot on it and after a few days, I decided that I should be responsible, not selfish, and offer to help. I took my chance on it. I knew it was a post that brings with it a lot of commitment, time, and tough decisions, but I knew as well that I could help Motorsports in Malta by serving in the Federation at this moment.

Then it was time to discuss it with my family and had the green light, (well sort of!). Immediately I started to meet the clubs, getting a good feel of the problems, and in which areas clubs need help, what they are expecting from the federation, and what need changing. It was great meeting you all and getting to know you, but suddenly it was election day. Following some discussions, the clubs showed me their confidence, and my friend Tonio Cini told me to have his seat. At that time, I must admit, reality hit me and my first few words to myself were what did I do? As all those present realised, I did not prepare any speeches but in a humble way, all those present understood my message.

Only 24 hours later together with the other members of the administration, we had our first meeting. Straight away we discussed my plan and set an Agenda to why we are here. The first meeting was amazing, I was happy, during the meeting and afterwards, the team showed me a lot of respect and this is what we need if we want to move forward, RESPECT.

I guarantee you that during my Presidency everyone will be getting a lot of respect, but we need to change or maybe improve our mentality… The Motorsport community in Malta is not 15 or so clubs but one big team, only like that we can achieve, will achieve, everything that we have on our Agenda.

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