Micke Nilsson in his 100th final at Tallhed Dragway

Congratulation to dragracing veteran of Super Comp and Super Pro ET, Micke Nilsson, who celebrated his 100th final at Tallhed Dragway last weekend.

-A successful weekend with wonderful people and great racing, says Nisse Lagerlöf, who was on site teaming up for his sons in Jr drag bike and he also represented Summit Racing EDRS Series.

The event held high class and the track delivered great conditions for fast and tight races. Eleven classes with drivers eager to reach the finals raced during two beautiful race days. We hope to see you again in September when Tallhed # 2 is up.

The next event is August 21–22, when Kauhava in Finland will run its second competition and the 4th 2020 Summit Racing EDRS Series event. See you then.

Check out the Summit Racing EDRS Series gallery Tallhed #1. Big thanks to photographer David Lagerlöf for great pictures.

Winners and Runner up Tallhed #1: 

JrDragster: Winner Felicia Danielsson/RU Mike Hedda Dantanus

Pro ET: Winner Torbjörn Låås/RU Peter Häggström

Super Pro ET: Winner Mikael Nilsson/RU Tommy Abrahamsson

Super Gas: Winner John Clausson/RU Håkan Mattsson

Street: RU Patrick Wickman/ Winner Lars Erik Persson

Pro Street: Winner Anna Knutes/RU Stefan Björns

S/SS: Winner Anders Eriksson/RU Lars Johansson

Jr Dragbike: RU Hugo Lagerlöf/Winner Alfred Lagerlöf

Street Bike: RU Toni Holmqvist/Winner Henrik Roos

Super Gas Bike: Winner Samuel Rundström/ RU Anna Rosander

Super Comp Bike: RU Tomas Jonsson/Winner Peter Östlund


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