Thunder Valle first out in the Summit Racing EDRS Series 2020

First out in the Summit Racing EDRS Series 2020 calendar is Thunder Valle. A great event on a spectaculair track between the high mountins of Norway.

Jaeren Dragrace Club is now part of Summit Racing EDRS special series 2020. And we are very happy to welcome them back after a few years of rest. The track is very special because of its echo. You can hear the roar of the cars up to three times between the mountains.
Veronica Ree, organizer of the Thunder Valley drag racing event, is very pleased to have the opportunity to arrange the event during these difficult times. As it is an spectator-free event, due to the situation of Covid-19, Jaeren Dragrace Club can happily offer a live stream for us who cannot be on site.
“It’s going to be a live stream on YouTube all weekend,” says Veronica. This is a great treat for everyone involved and for our spectators who cannot be here.
The event is on Saturday and Sunday (July 11-12).

For more information about livestream:

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