Winners of Midnight Sun Festival!

The 12th Summit Racing EDRS Series event is over. Midnight Sun Festival at Pite Draway has been arranged for a number of years and runs that time of year when the sun never goes down. 

A spectacular event, as the sun never goes down at this time of the year. But there was some disruptions in this all in all great race weeekend. Some rain showers and a longer clean-up disturbed the competition, which meant that it pulled out a little extra in time. But the track staff did the best they could under the circumstans with rain and cold track, to get the tracktion as good as possibly. The competitors seemed pleased with the arrangement.
Unfortunately, several broke their cars during this weekend, but most of them expect to make a comeback at some of the event that´s comming up soon.
The juniors did good as usual, both at the track and in the pit. A great praise for junior parents, who helped out the track crew and fixed the flatt tire on one of the track preparation tractors.

Winners of this year’s Midnight Sun Festival’s Summit Racing EDRS Series classes are as follows:

Junior Dragster Winner: Celina Hanssen Runner up: Eskil Dahls

Junior Dragbike Winner: Moa Nilsson Runner up: Teodor Norling

Pro ET Winner: Ulf Zachrisson Runner up: Jonas Larsson

Pro Street Winner: Lars Berglund Runner up: Vidar Pettersen

Stock/Super Stock Winner: Anders Eriksson Runner up: Theodor Brandt

Street Winner: Mikael Nilsson Runner up: Rolf Berglund

Super Comp Bike: Winner: Peter Svensson Runner up: Tage Olsson

Super Comp Winner: Kristina Hägglund Runner up: Mikael Nilsson

Super Gas Bike Winner: Kurt Andersson Runner up: Teemu Honkanen

Super Gas Winner: Christer Uhlin Runner up: Mats P Karlsson

Super Pro ET  Winner: Mikael Nilsson Runner up: Hampus Staflund

Top Doorslammer  Winner: Anders Edh  Runner up: Stefan Carlsson

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