VP Racing Fuels at Kauhava

Message from contingency partner VP Racing Fuels

Specialty Engineering / VP Racing Fuels Finland will supply VP fuels to the Kauhava FIA race on July 5-7th. Please place your order at race(at)speceng.fi latest by July 2nd. Motorsport 109 and C85 fuels are available in 5 gallon pails and 15 gallon drums, M1 and M5 methanol in 5 gallon pails. Handy plastic 5 gallon VP fuel jugs for easy refuelling are also available. Please be sure to show the VP decals on your car/bike to be eligible for the contingency pay-outs, decals available at our ‘little fuel shop’ at track. See you at Kauhava !

Simo Patoharju,

SCE Engineering Oy, Jokisuuntie 3, FIN-00560 Helsinki, Finland

tel +358-440-705 835, www.speceng.fi

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