Motopark and Tallhed Dragway invites you

Tallhed Dragway in Orsa Sweden and Motopark in Finland is next out in the 2019 Summit Racing EDRS Series.

Both are a two a days events and start Saturday May 18th, where the Jr Dragster and Jr Dragbike is to be counted for Summit Racing EDRS points in Finland and a few more classes at Tallhed Raceway.  Expect some very hungry teams at those two events. The season has now started, and point are to be chased after a long winter holiday. Last registration for Motopark is May 17th and Tallhed is  May 13th.

Classes to be at Motopark:

Jr Dragster, Jr Bike.


Classes to be at Tallhed Dragway:

Pro Street, Stock/Super Stock/Street, Super Comp, Super Gas, Super Street, Jr Dragster, Super Pro ET, Pro ET, Super Comp Bike, Super Gas Bike, Street Bike, Jr Bike.

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