The 35th Linde Open is over and done – very well done

A perfect racing weekend is done and the 35th Linde Open is over. A weekend with nice weather and lots of racing. A Swedish Champion was also crowned in Jr Dragster, Wilma Andersson from SHRA Sundsvall and she won the event as well.

On Sunday winners and Runner Ups was crowned in Jr Dragster, Jr Bike, Pro ET, Super Gas, Super Pro ET and Super Street at Linde Open. A warm and nice weekend with a lot of qualification rounds. In Jr dragster there was tight racing and the eight first in the qualification list was in between 0,01 seconds! That’s just unbelievably how fast these youngsters are in reaction.

Wilma Andersson got a winner bath

The last couple in the Super Series was also crowned. Hasse Nordström in Pro ET goes for the Finals next weekend, as well as Mikael Nilsson, who we usual sees in Super Comp. These guys are now two of in total 18 drivers that going to fight about a good amount of money.

This is what is in it for each class:

Winner: $4000, Runner-Up: $2000, Semi-final loosers: $1000/each, Quarter final loosers: $500/each


Classes:         Q1:                         Winners:                          RU:

Jr Dragster       Eskil Dahls                    Wilma Andersson                 Tindra Christensen

Jr Bike               Moa Nilsson                Trygve KjaerstadHelgerud Moa Nilsson

Pro ET                Urban Andersson      Hasse Nordström                  Urban Andersson

Super Pro ET   Johanna Granholm   Mikael Nilsson                        Johanna Granholm

Super Gas        Fredrik Edlund            Christer Uhlin                          Rickard Persson

Super Street   Ulf Axelsson                Uffe Lundgren                        Ulf Axelsson

Jr D Winner: Wilma Andersson, Runner Up: Tindra Christensen

Jr Bike Winner: Trygve KjaerstadHelgerud Runner Up: Moa Nilsson


Pro ET Winner: Hasse Nordström  Runner Up: Urban Andersson

Super Pro ET Winner: Mikael Nilsson  Runner Up: Johanna Granholm

Super Gas Winner: Christer Uhlin Runner Up: Rickard Persson

Super Street Winner: Uffe Lundgren Runner Up: Ulf Axelsson

Super Pro ET Finalist Mikael Nilsson and Pro ET Finalist Hasse Nordström is going to Tierp Arena next weekend for the Finals in the Summit Racing Super Series 2018

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