Soon the Russian adventure starts for Adam

Dmitry and Adam

At Tierp Test & Tune we met Adam Flamholc’s new team and learned what his new mission will be this season.

-I´m contracted to the Russian Dragtimes team, Adam let us know. They have bought my Swedish stationed Viper, and they are here to test it this weekend. But I´m also continuing helping the Pro Mod-teams of Mats and LG Eriksson and David Vegter as much as possible.Dmitry



Dmitry Samorukov, who is the new driver, was very eager to get in to the Viper. He has been racing a Viper for the last two years in the Russian Drag Racing Championship class RWD. Adam’s car has some different routines compared to the Russian Viper that had to be learned, but after a couple of tests Dmitry got a really good run at the end of Sunday.


Dmitry Dragtimes

-The burnout wasn’t so good, he said afterwards. But when he saw the time-slip he was very happy, as well as the team.


In an interview afterwards with Paval Nizkin editor of and Dmitry said that the difference between the cars was huge.


– The new Pro Mod is tighter and sharper in control and behavior, Dmitry confirms.  Here is another engine, another gearbox, generally the car is quite different and behaves differently. It is more modern, technologically more advanced. And more demanding, even in the start procedure.

He also says that this with machine 6 second and lower passes are attainable. with speeds over the quarter mile of over 400 km/h in sight.


-With these parameters, after the finish line, we would need a pretty good distance to stop, Dmitry says.  We do not have such tracks yet. Even in Grozny and Nizhny Novgorod there is not enough distance. The exit speed is about 350 km/h. So now we must think over what strategy to choose for the season to be fast but still safe.



Adam is starting the eastern tour at the end of June where the first round is far east, close to the border of Mongolia in a town called Krasnoyarsk.

-It´s going to be a big adventure, says Adam. The team is very nice and they do everything they can to make me feel comfortably, says Adam. The series ends in September.


The tracks are maybe not as good as in Europe, but the intentions for Russian Drag Racing is to build an arena like Tierp Arena close to Moscow.

-The tracks we have today are both airfields or part of circuit tracks, says Pavel. We do prepare the tracks with VP Lane Choice and methanol and also use Gold dust. This year we will also add VP Starting Line Resin.






The Russian Cup started in 2014. The Russian Automobile Federation (FIA member) accepted the quality of series and in 2015 we got championship status.

-In total there are more than 100 drivers from all over the country and abroad that participate, says Pavel. Each round counts between 40-80 racers. This year there will be four rounds in the Championship.


All teams who are registered for the whole championship gets transport and logistics compensation from the Promoter.

-In our country with many hundreds and thousands kilometers from one side of the nation to the other,  distance between tracks and events is the biggest barrier in motorsport popularization and growth, tells Pavel. This year, according to information from participants, many of them build new professional dragsters for RWD class, which means the interest in the sport is going up.

Dmitry and Adam

In the championship there is just three classes, divided by drive wheels, FWD, AWD, RWD. All cars must have roll cage, fire extinguisher system, sport homologated safety belts, homologated seat.


Most common cars are Nissan Skyline, GT-R, Toyota Supra, Toyota Chaser, Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Viper Pro Mod, Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Lada 2108 (2114). Best ET at the ¼ mile last year was 6.895/320,85 km/h.

-Detailed technical regulations are now in translation process, says Pavel. We didn’t expect interest from outside the country so we just have it in the Russian language so far.

The team Adam is participating in is one of the most successful ones in Russia. Dmitry Samorukov, CEO of SMP Racing, is the driver. And now he is entering Adams Viper, known as the Top Doorslammer winner 2015.Dragtimes

-He helps to promote drag racing, touring racing, endurance racing for Russian drivers, tells Pavel.

Dmitry has set new Russian record in his former Viper. So the expectation is that he is setting new records this season.

The new design of the car is now done and style and production is made by Vinyl Madness Studio

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Russia Drag Racing Championship Calendar 2016

30— 26 June — 1 stage, Krasnoyarsk

30 — 31 July — 2 stage, Moscow

13 — 14 August — 3 stage, Nizhny Novgorod

10 — 11 September — 4 stage, Grozny, Chechnya




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