Odd years are Jan Sturla Hegre’s lucky championship numbers

Jan Sturla Hegre claimed the 2015 EDRS Pro Nordic Top Fuel Motorcycle Championship and he repeated that in 2017, so it could barely be a surprise that the Uggerud Bros. rider claimed his third title in 2019. This season the title fight with Thomas Pettersson went down to the wire as Hegre had to win the final run of the season at Tierp Arena to claim the title with a 6-point advantage over the 2018 champion. Hegre did what he had to do, and although it was close all season, the third title for the Norwegian rider was a fact. Continue reading

Ida Zetterström, a dream season with highlights only

Race winner, EDRS Pro Nordic MC Super Street Bike champion, first female rider to win a race and a title in the EDRS Pro Nordic MC Super Street Bike category and winner of the VP Racing Fuels Special Award for the rider with the most notable achievements in 2019! It’s hard to deny that 2019 was a dream season for Ida Zetterström, in which she rewrote the SSB history books and claimed almost all prizes. Continue reading

Kenneth Holmberg claims his first EDRS Pro Stock Motorcycle title

Kenneth Holmberg has finished in the top five of the EDRS Pro Nordic Pro Stock Motorcycle Championship several times, but the title and the number one plate were still missing on his list of honours. In 2019 that gap was filled with his first EDRS Pro Stock Motorcycle title, and as the championship winning bike was sold a few weeks ago, it was also the last one for the familiar bright orange Swecomposite combination. But as Holmberg doesn’t have the intention to quit, you never know with what kind of bike and in which category the champion will return. Continue reading

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