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A great weekend at Scandinavia´s biggest car show

Speedgroup girls, Birgitta Blakstad-Poolsaar, Emelie Carlswärd and Åsa Kinnemar.

Elmia – Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show is over for this year and a lot of Easter eggs have been opened. More than 74 000 people visited the show over the four days it lasted. And in the Speedgroup stand they could have a seat in the 2-seat dragster as well as on the Beast, Jr Dragster and Junior Drag Bike.

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VP Racing Fuels join 2017 Speedgroup contingency program

VP Racing Fuels are a familiar name in all forms of motorsports, but their products have their roots in drag racing! “If it’s fast, we’re in it,” said Marc Wesler, VP Racing Fuels’ International Sales Manager. “But it’s important to remember where it all started, and that’s with the entry level drag racing competitor.” To reinforce their commitment to both the Speedgroup program and the EDRS participants, the world leader in race fuel technology will join the 2017 Speedgroup contingency program. “It’s a small token of our appreciation to our customers, but it also shows a commitment on the behalf of VP that we are committed to the European motorsports customer.” Continue reading

Auto Verdi with connecting rods and oil pumps in 2017 Speedgroup Contingency Program

Made in Sweden and winning all over the world, that’s a fact for Auto Verdi connecting rods and oil pumps! But the Swedish high tech company never forgot their origin and will once again be a Speedgroup contingency partner for the 2017 season with the two products they are so famous for. “We have a new, very successful oil pump for Hemi engines we want to promote with the contingency program,” said Stefan Verdi, founder of Auto Verdi. Continue reading

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