VP Racing Fuels

VP Racing Fuels is the EDRS official racing fuel partner since 2018. Through a network of VP Racing Fuels distributors, fuels are available for delivery at most events in the Summit Racing EDRS Series. 


Ljungdahl Racing
Deliveries can be made to the workshops or directly to the tracks. Orders can also be made as an add-on service via the event entry system www.dragracing.eu (apply to race events in Sweden handled by Ljungdahl Racing for the time being).

Contact: Ljungdahl Racing
Bengt Ljungdahl
bengt@ljungdahlracing.com / www.ljungdahlracing.com
Phone +46 707540323
Address: Mörtviksvägen 84, 13463 Ingarö Sweden


Fannrem Motorverksted
Fannrem Motorverksted are the authorized distributors of VP Racing Fuels in Norway since the year 2000. The main business is engine-building and rebuilding and also operating a speedshop. Services also include SuperFlow engine dyno testings. Contact person Odd Erik Fossum operates a drag racing team and with that use the VP Racing Fuels products first hand too. Fannrem Motorverksted always have lots of VP fuels in stock, both leaded and unleaded.

Contact: Fannrem Motorverksted
Phone: +47 72 48 24 04
Address: Hemnevegen 334, N-7320 Fannrem Norway


Specialty Engineering
Specialty Engineering in Helsinki owned by Simo Patoharju who has a long history in the sport of drag racing as a crew chief in the Top Methanol and Top Fuel ranks. The company has served racers with racing fuel from VP Racing Fuels for 30 years. Specialty Engineering also operate a national contingency program for VP Racing fuels users in the Finnish Championship. Customers can contact Specialty Engineering for all their racing fuel needs in Finland and Estonia.

Contact: SCE Engineering Oy
Simo Patoharju
tel +358-440-705 835
Address: Jokisuuntie 3, FIN-00560 Helsinki Finland


Lindtek APS

+45 75 66 12 14
Address: Stenkærvej 4, DK-8752 Østbirk


VP Racing Fuels was founded in 1975, are headquartered in San Antonio (Texas), have close to 200 employees nationwide with blend facilities in Newark (Delaware) and Terre Haute (Indiana) along with sales offices in Commerce (Georgia) and Temecula (California). VP Racing Fuels are a global company with multiple distributors across Europe.

“VP Racing Fuels is the world leader in race fuel technology. VP currently produce, package and distribute world class race fuel. VP have fuelled all forms of motorsports on land, sea and air since 1975. Along with race fuel, VP also produce a line of performance chemicals, known as VP Madditives and VP Performance Lubricants,” said Marc Wesler, International Sales Manager of VP Racing Fuels.

But what makes VP Racing Fuels products so special?  “VP Racing Fuels use only high end base stocks and a proprietary blend of components. Every gallon we blend is intended to win a race,” said Wesler, who is an avid drag racer and overall motorsports enthusiast himself. “It’s important to remember that not all race fuels are created equal. VP Racing Fuels currently blend over 70 different types of fuels to ensure that each competitor is getting the exact fuel for optimum performance from their application. After all, ‘our passion is your performance’.”

Although VP Racing Fuels first made a name for itself in the drag racing community, over the last two decades VP has become a household name in all forms of motorsports. “We have a saying at VP, ‘if it’s fast, we’re in it’,” said Wesler. VP Racing Fuels are currently associated with more than 60 series or sanctioning bodies as either the official fuel or a subsidiary partner!

VP Racing Fuels joined the Speedgroup contingency program last season. “Speedgroup is an important part of growing the VP brand, not only across Europe as part of the EDRS, but also globally. With the contingency program we want to reinforce our commitment to both the Speedgroup program and the EDRS participants.”

Drag racing and contingency programs play a major role in VP’s marketing strategy. “It’s important that as a company we stay loyal to the people that started with VP, and that’s the grass roots drag race competitor. Over 43+ years in business we have found growth in multiple forms of motorsports and we are happy to be associated with all forms of motorsports but it’s important to remember where it all started and that’s with the entry level drag racing competitor.” website: Website: www.vpracingfuels.com

VP Racing Fuels is also part of the EDRS contingency program (in selected classes) – read more at the contingency program page.

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