Remco Scheelings

Six riders represent Norwegian National Drag Bike Team 2015

Svein Olav Rolfstad Super Twin

The Norwegian National Drag Bike Team was founded in 2013. In co-operation with the Norwegian Motorsport Federation it was a new way to help Norwegian drag racers with sponsorship, marketing and all issues they encountered when running their own team. In its third year six riders in three different classes will represent the Norwegian National Drag Bike Team and with outstanding performance they will try to attract attention to Norwegian drag racing.  Continue reading

Ismo Mäenpää: “To find the perfect set-up is the biggest challenge in Super Twin”


With four Finnish championships in Pro Harley at his credit, Ismo Mäenpää was ready for a new challenge. The Finn and his team found it in Super Twin. “At first we didn’t know what to do, but little by little and with help from other teams we learned, and are still learning every race.” Mäenpää ended the 2014 season with a new personal best at Tierp Arena and finished third in the EDRS Pro Nordic Super Twin Championship. “In 2015 we want to do even better and as always, go for personal bests”, Ismo says. Continue reading

Green for Kalle Lyrén


In last week’s article Kalle Lyrén already unveiled that the Veidec Lyrén Motorsport Suzuki GSX-R would have a new look this season. The bike is at the BILSPORT Performance & Custom Motorshow this weekend, and this is how it will look like this season! Go on green!

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