Björn Friström goes for two in a row


To win a championship is one, but to lead after the first race and take the title in style with a win at the last race at Tierp Arena, that makes you the real number one! And that’s exactly what Björn Friström did. Although he had a far from trouble free season, the 44-year-old Swede always was the number one in the Super Street Bike ranking last year and won the title in this popular ‘no wheelie bar class’ of the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship!

“We had many bugs last year and were fighting every race. Last Tierp race was the turning point and after going some rounds in eliminations, the title was there, and in the end, I won the race. I defeated Anders Blanck in the semi-finals. Anders is the greatest and he helped us out with everything. I have to say a big thank you to Team Blanck”, Björn Friström says. The motor-journalist, who lives in Mora in the middle of Sweden, started his career in Street Bike in 1988, stepped up to Super Street Bike in 1993 and Pro Street Bike five years later. In 2012 Björn made a comeback in Super Street Bike with a bike he bought from Anthony Navarro. “I’m not the smallest guy, but, have you ever seen a short Viking? I’m 197 centimetres and have to fold up like a switchblade to fit on this bike”, Björn says. His personals bests at the moment: 7.36 seconds and 320 km/h.


But the reigning champion knows he has to improve to win a second title, and although he doesn’t want to tell all the secrets, it was a far from quiet winter.  “We changed a lot of stuff, bought an intercooler from RCC and updated many other parts, like the header. PPF in Avesta did all the welding. We did another big change with the bike, but I’m not so eager to talk about that.” It’s hard for Björn to do not think about the bike and racing. “This bike is the first I think of in the morning, and the last before I go to bed. This year I built a room for my Dyno, that took me half the winter. I’m aiming for the low 7.20 seconds. It’s a realistic goal with this bike, but I know it’s going to be tough. Until now we have done all the tuning ourselves, but this year, I’ll get tuning help from overseas. The main goal for this season is to improve and be faster. We must step up and stop jerking around. The 2015 season will be hard, but I’m looking forward to it. There will be no room for any mistakes. It would be fun if the guys from England would turn up at a race in our championship, that would make it even tougher.”


Björn Friström

Björn thinks Anders Blanck, as usual, will be his main rival for the 2015 EDRS Pro Nordic MC Super Street Bike title. “But why not good old Leffe Larsson. Everything can happen in this class and I think there are five guys who can win this championship. It will be close”, says Björn, who calls his sweet wife Mikaela his biggest sponsor. After his win last year, it won’t be a big surprise Tierp Arena is Björn’s favourite track. “Tierp is number one. If you go there, you know why. Everything is top notch.” And his favourite race meeting? “Every race in the Nordic Series.” That’s what we call a die-hard an dedicated racer!

And last but not least, Björn has news. “Well, I have a surprise for all my competitors later this year. They have to wait and see. What it is? Well, if I tell you now, it’s not a surprise any longer.” So everybody has to be patient for a while.

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