Super Pro ET – regulations

Rules for Super Pro ET (SPET) apply to Summit Racing EDRS Series:

Super Pro ET is open to full-bodied cars with working doors, Funny Cars, Altereds and Dragsters.
Handicap racing based on a driver’s personally-chosen dial-in, which may be changed between rounds. The first car to cross the finish line without going quicker than its dial-in is the winner.
Dial-in may be set between 6.00-8.99 seconds (1/4 mile) or 3.66-5.74 seconds (1/8 mile). New!!! ET´s over the index (9.49 / 6.24) are acceptable for qualification, but dial-in cannot be set slower than the class index (8,99 /5,74). Tracks with break-out at 7,50 on a ¼ mile ( 4,50 on 201,16m ), can also run Super Pro ET.

Qualifying positions are measured against dial-ins. The closer to the driver’s chosen dial-in (but not any quicker), the higher the driver’s position in the qualifying list. Dial-in should be clearly visible on the vehicle before entering the bleach-box.
If a qualification or elimination round is not completed owing to rain-out, local curfew, etc., the entire round will be cancelled from the final result.
Type of ladder: Sportsman, all-run.
Organizer can limit the size of the ladder, if needed. This should be advised in the invitation, entry form or at latest in the supplemental regulations at the track. If limited, alternates should be used for possible no-shows.
Lane choice: Organizer´s choice. If not advised on the invitation or at latest in the supplemental regulations at the track, higher qualifier chooses lane throughout eliminations. Throttle-stop and delay boxes are allowed in Super Pro ET.
Important: General safety regulations for cars and drivers must comply with each country´s own regulations in accordance with the general rules of ET racing.

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