Top Doorslammer

Top Doorslammer – TD
Spectacular heads up class which currently compete in the Nordic region. The regulations allow multiple engine combinations, supercharged, nitrous injected or turbocharged and attract a vast variety of car types

Rules For Scandinavian Top Doorslammer
The class compete over the distance 1/8mile
CHASSIS: SFI 25.1 E certification required.
SUSPENSION: Race car type suspension required. Solid suspension prohibited.
WHEEL BASE: Minimum 100″, Maximum 115″. S-10, Ranger, Dakota Maximum 125″, and full size trucks maximum 140” Maximum variation is 2” side to side.
GROUND CLEARANCE: Minimum of 3” required from whatever portion of the vehicles body or chassis that breaks staging beam to 12” behind front axle centerline. Minimum of 2” for remainder of vehicle.
BODY: Funny car or one piece bodies not allowed even if equipped with doors. Maximum front end overhang of 45” as measured from centerline of front spindle. An extension may be used to reach 45.
DOORS: Required. Doors must be functional and able to be opened from both the inside and outside of the vehicle.
DRIVER LOCATION: Must be in stock location.
WEIGHT: No minimum weight.
ENGINE: No maximum cubic inch limit.
SUPERCHARGER: Use of any size centrifugal, roots-type or screw-type supercharger allowed.
OVERDRIVE: No overdrive limit for roots and high-helix blower.
If using a screwblower see below.

Engine size
To 500 cid 2.25
500 – 450 cid
 450 cid

NITROUS OXIDE: Allowed, but not together with any other power adder!!
TRANSMISSION: Any type allowed, if use of automatic transmission it need to be fitted with efficient oil collecting device.
CLUTCH/FLYWHEEL: Flywheel and clutch meeting SFI 1.3, 1.4, or 1.5 certification required.
REAR END: Automotive type, Full-floater rear end required on cars that runs faster than 3.90 sec @ 1/8” or reaches a final speed of 210 mph (338km/h).
WHEELS: Wheels meeting SFI spec 15.1 mandatory. Maximum width 16”. Use of a liner mandatory on all non bead lock wheels.
STARTER: Optional. No push starts allowed.
FUEL: Unleaded gasoline or methanol, use of nitromethane is prohibited.
LICENSE: Valid FIA International License or C1 (Pro Mod) license mandatory.
OTHER: Follows most FIA Rules for Advanced ET but SBF rules first…

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