Pro Street

Pro Street rules that apply for 2018


Class breakout: 4.80 / 7.60 seconds.

Absolute breakout: 4.70 / 7.50 seconds

The class follows the SBF and FHRA Technical Regulations with the following additions:
Ladder type: Pro, max 16 for elimination.

Field size Qualified
4 cars At least 3
8 cars At least 6
16 cars At least 13

Cars allowed: Full-bodied cars with suspension on all four wheels

The driver must not be placed in the center of the car.

Dragsters, Funny Cars or Altereds are not allowed.

Slicks allowed.
Engine: Naturally aspirated, Nitrous oxide, supercharging, etc. allowed.
Super charging according ET regulations.

Noise acc. to ET regulations.

Exhaust according to SBF DRT 1.3 and FHRA General Technical Regulations 1.3.

Zoomie headers: not allowed.

Final outlet of open exhaust can not exceed 5 inches (127 mm) in diameter.

Removable exhaust collectors must be securely fastened such that they require tools for removal. 

Cars equipped with 10.5 W tires, ‐75 kg.

Cars that do not use power adders (i.e. Turbo, Supercharger or nitrous oxide), ‐75kg.

Class “Break Out” is 4.80 sec on 201 meters and 7.60 sec on 402 meters.

Qualifying run faster than 4.80 sec on 201 meters or 7.60 sec on 402 meters will be deleted.

When driving faster than 4.70 sec on 201 meters and 7.50 sec at 402 meters, driver is excluded from continued competition in the class during the applicable contest, regardless of chassis type.

Car violating its own chassis breakout is disqualified from the competition.

Drivers who drive faster than approved by the driver license are disqualified from the competition.

Electronic control like throttle stop, etc. prohibited in class.

It is not allowed to change driver / car during qualifying / race.

The car must have the correct weight to count the qualifying / elimination round.

Max added weight 230kg.

Weight incl. drivers:

Big Block 1150kg.

Smallblock 1000kg.

6 cyl 900kg.

5 cyl 800kg.

4 cyl, two-rotor Wankel and front wheel drive, free weight.

Fire extinguishing system is mandatory and must meet SFI Spec 17.1. or FIA Standard, Technical List N°16 Extinguisher systems and Technical List N°06 AFFF extinguishing products. Minimum 5 pound (2.3 kg). System must be divided with minimum one nozzle on driver’s side and minimum one nozzle on engine.

All drivers must upon request provide breath samples at the beginning of the race day, failed breath test results in disqualification.


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