Race Calendar 2016


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EDRS Class calendar MC & Cars (opens pdf-file)
Last updated April 13th. Classes for Sundsvall August event set.
The calendar is complete.

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General info race dates & locations:

Dates Track Country Organiser
06-07 May Vårgårda SWEDEN SHRA Borås
13-15 May Malmö Raceway SWEDEN SRIF
13-15 May Fröya NORWAY Islanders Amcar Club
10-12 June Thunder Valle NORWAY Jaeren DR Club
16-19 June Tierp Arena SWEDEN NDRS MC
24-26 June Tallhed/Orsa SWEDEN Färnäs Night Cruisers
1-3 July Sundsvall Raceway SWEDEN SHRA Sundsvall
1-3 July Thunder Valle NORWAY Jaeren DR Club
2-3 July Haapsalu ESTONIA EDRA
7-10 July Alastaro FINLAND FHRA
8-10 July Piteå Raceway SWEDEN SHRA Luleå
15-16 July Fällfors SWEDEN SHRA Skellefteå
15-16 July Hagfors SWEDEN SHRA Karlstad
5-7 August Gardermoen NORWAY NDRG
19-21 August Sundsvall Raceway SWEDEN SHRA Sundsvall
20-21 August Lindesberg SWEDEN SHRA Lindesberg
25-28 August Tierp Arena SWEDEN NDRS MC
2-3 September Mosten DENMARK Mosten MC
On the Agenda:
November 25th - Banquet and Award giving ceremony. Location Nyköping, Sweden Sunlight Hotel. Entry is open! All info and order form, see the BANQUET 2017 page!

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