Tierp Internationals is up and running!

A great day with four rounds of sportsman racing at a sunny track.

The gallery is filled with great photo shots from today and if you want to follow us from a distance, go to www.eurodragstereventcoverage.com/live/2018tierpinternationals/reports

There is also a special exhibition for the 50th anniversary of Swedish drag racing, in the pits. During the weekend you can meet and have a chat with the guys that was there when it all started, or even before that. Today Thursday was a special occasion as Johnny Nilsson, who have been in the sport from start, had made a special thing for another old-timer that still is around in the pits. Krister Johansson could today uncover a replica of his and his brother Kjell´s old Chrysler 426 Hemi that he used in one of his first race cars, the famous T-27 Altered. So, take the opportunity to meet and listen to the guys with the real drag racing history, in the Legend´s Marquee at the end of the grandstand. A long and great racing weekend is in front of us.

On the Agenda:
Event entry is open to a number of events at www.dragracing.eu. Don´t miss to read the event invitation and supplementary regulations the organizers has placed there.

Registration for EDRS Drivers & Riders Club is open at www.dragracing.eu.

New 2018! Introducing the Summit Racing Pro ET & Super Pro ET Super Series!
In this new series in the series concept PET and SPET track champions get the chance to race each other in a final at Tierp Arena in August! Read all about it at the new Super Series page on this website!

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