A sneak peek at Perkas

We got a sneak peak in PerErik “Perka” Lindgrens workshop in Piteå, the very North of Sweden, and it’s a lot happening here. The white cool Altered he have had for decades is gone, and the dragster he won last year’s Swedish Championship and EDRS series with is also gone. And what more is, he has sold his old Scania truck! So, what´s happening then! Is he quitting racing or has he got totaly nuts?

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A new generation taking over the SFI tour

Third day in SFI Tour was held as usual at Pers Akers Speed Shop in Sweden and SFI team arrived as planned from the boat from Finland and the inspection there. The team threw himself straight in to work.

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Speedgroup visited Motorsoffan

From the left: Carl-Erik Kihlman, Pär “Pippi” Willén, Johnny Durgin, Åsa Kinnemar and host Lelle Olsson. Behind the camera: Birgitta Blakstad Poolsaar.

On Wednesday March 8th Speedgroup visited Motorsoffan #193 web-TV show. Broadcasted from the Nitroz studio in the South part of Stockholm, Sweden. Work Group member Carl-Erik Kihlman, CEO Åsa Kinnemar and contingency program co-ordinator Birgitta Blakstad Poolsaar took part and shared information and news from the operation, Series and Championships.

The web-TV show replays at http://nitroz.se select webb-TV in the menu. Welcome to watch us!

PS. It is possible to select the English sub title version for non-Swedish speaking viewers.

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On the Agenda Speedgroup:

Registration for drivers & riders club is open at www.dragracing.eu. Logon to your drivers profile and look for the registration in the list of events under notification/anmälan (sv). Registration is mandatordy to be eligible for series prize funds.

Meet Speedgroup at the BILSPORT Performance & Custom Motorshow during Easter at Elmia. Welcome to visit our stand! www.custommotorshow.se Our stand is located in the B-hall B03:98. Don´t miss the release of the new Speedgroup Magazine at the Custom Motorshow!

Speedgroup encourage teams to share news for publishing with EDRS media officer Lena Perés at lena.peres@speedgroup.eu