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Bentec Engineering contingency partner for EDRS Pro Nordic Super Twin and Top Fuel Motorcycle

For drag racers and drag race fans, the name Bentec is synonymous with Per Bengtsson and his ear splitting Super Twin Motorcycle. For as long as they can remember, the Bentec name decorated the sides of the red and white machine, but what fewer people might know is that Bentec was founded by Bengtsson and he is still one of the driving forces behind FlexoArt, the parent company of Bentec Engineering. To support the sport even more, Bentec Engineering is a partner for EDRS Pro Nordic Super Twin and Top Fuel Motorcycle in Speedgroup’s contingency program! Continue reading

Wagenius Racing Team promote drag racing at MC-messen 2017

It’s not just for their performance on the dragstrip that Dag and Kathrine Wagenius attract so much attention, it’s also the striking tiger-paint scheme on their motorcycles and their enthusiasm for the sport. And those last two things made father and daughter Wagenius eye catchers at the MC-messen, where the Super Street Bike and Super Comp Bike rider also revealed their plans for the 2017 EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship. Continue reading

Speedgroup visited Motorsoffan

From the left: Carl-Erik Kihlman, Pär “Pippi” Willén, Johnny Durgin, Åsa Kinnemar and host Lelle Olsson. Behind the camera: Birgitta Blakstad Poolsaar.

On Wednesday March 8th Speedgroup visited Motorsoffan #193 web-TV show. Broadcasted from the Nitroz studio in the South part of Stockholm, Sweden. Work Group member Carl-Erik Kihlman, CEO Åsa Kinnemar and contingency program co-ordinator Birgitta Blakstad Poolsaar took part and shared information and news from the operation, Series and Championships.

The web-TV show replays at select webb-TV in the menu. Welcome to watch us!

PS. It is possible to select the English sub title version for non-Swedish speaking viewers.

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