Summit Racing Super Series 2023

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are ahead of the Summit Racing Super Series for 2023!!! The shoot-out will, as before at Tierp Arena in August 10-13 for the Pro ET and Super Pro ET classes.

Money awards up to USD 10 000,00 will be handed out for each class, and the winner takes home
USD 4 000,00!!!

So how can you qualify to be one of the lucky ones, competing for this Big Money?

From each one of the events listed below, there will be a qualifier ready for the shoot-out. The winner, or the runner-up if the winner is already qualified, or the best available. If there´s a rain-out before the eliminations, No 1 qualifier will qualify. If the rain-out comes later in the elimination, best qualifier remaining in the ladder will qualify.

When you get qualified , you will receive a diploma and also information (by mail) from Speedgroup how to proceed to be a part of the shoot-out.

Now the chase can start for the Summit Racing Super Series!!!

The calendar for 2023:

19-21 May Motopark, FIN

19-20 May Vårgårda, SWE

26-28 May Gardermoen, NOR

9-11 June Motopark, FIN

15-18 June Tierp Arena, SWE

23-25 June Tallhed, Orsa, SWE

30 June – 2 July Haapsalu (only Pro ET), EST

8-9 July Piteå, SWE

14-15 July Piteå, SWE

13-16 July Kauhava, FIN

20-23 July Sundsvall, SWE

3-6 August Gardermoen; NOR

SHOOT-OUT 10-13 August Tierp Arena, SWE


Qualified from Drag Challenge, Gardermoen:

Pro ET: Alice Hauge replacing Kristoffer Nordin

Super Pro ET: Björn Romören Hultberg

Qualified from Sundsvall:

Pro ET: Peter Häggström (RU), winner John Thidé already qualified

Super Pro ET: Johanna Granholm

Qualified from Haapsalu:

Pro ET: Milcs Maksims

Qualified from Piteå:

Pro ET: Matthias Munter

Super Pro ET: Amanda Sjöström-Andersson

Qualified from Kauhava, Nitro Nats

Pro ET: Mikko Ruusunen

Super Pro ET: Emilia Tekoniemi (RU) replacing winner Tony Ståhl 

Qualified from Tallhed, Orsa

Pro ET: Fredrik Seth

Super Pro ET: Mikael Nilsson

Qualified from Tierp:

Pro ET: John Thidé

Super Pro ET: Isak Lagg

Qualified from Vårgårda:

Pro ET:  Nicklas Wikander

Super Pro ET: Alexander Edlund

Qualified from Kauhava, May event:

Pro ET:  Rasmus Koivula

Super Pro ET:  Janne Söderqvist

Qualified from Spring Nats, Gardermoen:

Pro ET :  Stein Jarle Tönnesen

Super Pro ET: Siri Johansen No 2 Q replacing No 1 Q Even Rui

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